Cold Fire

Arka Chattopadhyay


I’ll come and give you a brochure and other literatures too. But if you watch this videocassette for ten minutes, things will become absolutely clear to you. I really like this model of the Akai VCR you have here. This is the one we usually use in our office as well. Coffee will do for me…had to be awake for most of the night…in the village burning ghat, with the help of NGOs, there is a new arrangement being made for elevated chullis… the body will be placed on a platform with the logs and stuff, like on a stretcher, over the metallic chulli…ashes at the bottom and bones on top. All of that is collected in due course. I have seen it near Labhpur, where Tarashankar lives. They offer training courses on this in Gujarat. This concept works quite well in the villages. Let me switch on the VCR now.

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